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Looking for answers to some of life’s challenging questions?  Ted Talks feature speakers addressing life’s challenges and how to deal with them. TED talks are 18 minutes or less, provided by leaders from across the globe. Turn to these for …



Do you dream of spending less time studying and still getting great grades? Turn your phone or device into a study machine. With finals just around the corner, now is the time to learn how to use some …


Many colleges offer the students the opportunity to play sports – either at the varsity level, or in clubs and intramurals.  Do you have what it takes to play sports in college? Student athletes often report more stress than non-athletes. …


Many students dream of studying not only in a different state, but in a different country. If you have dreamed of going to a school like Prince William met Kate, (St. Andrews in Scotland), or an ancient school such as …


One of the biggest questions you have as a student (and your parents too) is ‘Where will I be living next year?” This is a big decision. Be sure to explore all your options. Check out the housing choices on …


Getting a rejection letter from a college can be quite a devastating blow. Learning your first choice college does not want you can be heart-wrenching.

Why doesn’t the college want you as much as you want to be a student …


As you explore which colleges are the right match for you, consider the size of the campus. How many undergraduates attend the college? This can make a big difference in your experience on a college campus.  Think of college sizes …


Plan to use your spring break to visit colleges. Their spring breaks are often different than your spring break. Take advantage of seeing a college campus when students are on campus. Here is how you prepare for your spring college …


Receiving the letter or email of acceptance to colleges is a time for celebration! What’s your next step? Many colleges will be inviting you to visit the campus as an “admitted student”.

These visits can be:

A designated day event…

Take this quick questionnaire, pass it around, compare your answers with your friends- everything is better in pairs! Then let’s talk about the outcome!

What are:

2 things in my room that are important to me. 2 words that I…

Depending on your time and interest, plan one of the following types of college visits:

Basic Visit – Mostly for Freshman, Sophomore and Junior High School Students:

Attend an information session. Ask questions about admissions, financial aid, choice of majors.  …

You got into the three top schools on your list.  Each has sent you a financial aid award. One offer looks better than the other two, but is it really?  It’s important to compare financial aid offers.  Here are 6 …


Now is the time to look for scholarships!

College scholarships come from three sources:

Colleges you applied to Scholarships from your community National or larger regional organizations

At your College

Most scholarships come from the school you have applied to.  …


What are your plans for summer?  Now is the time to find programs for next summer to participate in. Do it this month!  Many programs fill up early.  Many have deadlines as early as February.

What types of summer programs

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