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Are you on the Web?

If the answer is no, you are taking a risk… If we look back only 10-15 years ago, the Internet was just starting and we hardly used it. Nowadays, I know you would agree with me when I say that one day without the internet is almost inconceivable!

Every job-seeker today has a formatted “print” resume. But if you want to be a job-seeker that is ahead of times, like the ones companies want to hire, a web resume will give you that EDGE!

Publishing a resume on the Web is advantageous in
many ways.

Here are other reasons to consider getting one…

Employers can access your resume 24/7. If you’re talking on the phone with an employer in any location and they want to see a copy of your resume, you can give them your URL – web address and they will immediately be able to access it.

A personal website will provide you with opportunities to not only post your resume but also include a Bio, work samples and other tools that demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the Career you Seek!

A web resume will enable you to demonstrate your technical skills. EduPlan will coach you on how to complete the personal website design so that you can rightfully take credit for this work.

And lastly, if you are not actively looking for a job, recruiters and companies will be able to identify you on Web as a “passive candidate”. This means that you could get leads on new Career Growth opportunities easier than if you are not on the Web.

We at EduPlan truly believe this is a resource you will not want to discard!

This is why our fees for this service are low. We want to encourage you to utilize this resource and with it, maximize your potential to achieve your Career Goals!