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Posted by: Claudine Vainrub, Principal of EduPlan on Sep 20 2011 / Comments (0)

In the college admissions process, there are many opportunities to portray our diversity. Some students question whether this is favorable or not for them. The decision on whether or not to show our diversity certainly impacts our college admissions process results. Here is our take on the topic.

We are all different, but we are not all equal. This inequality becomes glaringly apparent when you look at the statistics for many U.S. colleges and universities. According to the College Prowler website, 47% of Harvard students are white in contrast to a mere 7% African Americans, 6% Hispanic and 1% Native American. The same website gives slightly better statistics for African Americans (9%) and Hispanics (8%) attending Yale, but the percentage of white students also increases to 51%.1

It is a similar story in most U.S. colleges, despite concerted efforts to create a more diverse student body. Most universities understand the pros of attracting students from different backgrounds. In their Diversity & Inclusion Statement, John Hopkins University explains, “We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of students, faculty and staff and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success.” 2

It is not unusual for universities to have a clear policy on diversity and inclusion on their websites where they state their commitment to creating a community that is welcoming and tolerant of all students regardless of race, religion, gender, socio-economic background or sexual preference. Colleges, specifically faculty and students directly benefit from having a diverse student body that allows students from different backgrounds to learn from each other’s experiences. College Professors call students from diverse origins and geographic locations to gather different opinions and share their experiences when discussing topics. To meet this goal of a truly diverse campus, schools ensure that more applicants from under-represented groups are accepted.

Admissions offices need to know about your ethnic diversity if they are going to take that into account when reviewing your college application. For this reason don’t hesitate to use every opportunity to highlight your racial status in the application process, and you will find colleges that will accept you for who you are, and celebrate your diversity with you.



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