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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Save thousands of dollars with EduPlan's help by successfully submitting scholarships and financial aid applications.

EduPlan will support you to find merit scholarship opportunities and programs that fit your needs. We will also advise you on completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid application requirements to earn the best possible financial aid and scholarship package available for you to pursue your studies.

Once you receive your financial award letter from each of the institutions that accepted you, we will navigate you through the process of understanding the differences between the awards of one university vs. another. We are knowledgeable on all of the terminology regarding financial aid and will be able to answer your questions related to this important part of the admissions process.

Next to buying a house, a college education is one of the steepest expenses you will ever face. How much will it cost? Visit and you’ll see that if a child is 4 years old today, saving for his or her college education will cost $247,000 assuming college tuition costs increase by 6% each year.

EduPlan can help you make much more affordable your college and grad school education. Every year, over 95% of our students earn outstanding financial aid packages and unsolicited merit scholarships of up to 100% of the costs to attend top universities all over the U.S. We have also helped students secure additional merit funds and enhance their college financial aid package offers through personalized strategies followed after receiving the award letters.

Let us help you and your family make college and graduate school an expense you can incur without taking on loans you will be paying off for too long. Contact us to learn more about our services in the topics of Scholarships and other Financial Aid opportunities.