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International Students

EduPlan has supported hundreds of International Students and Professionals seeking academic and career opportunities in USA. However, we go further than that...

Over 90% of our international students have received unsolicited merit scholarships to attend top institutions. This is something only a handful of consultants can claim, as merit scholarships are very difficult to secure by international students.

Our international professionals have been able to secure not only job opportunities with average salary increases of 40%, they have also gotten visa sponsorships to legally be allowed to work in USA.

How do we support international students and professionals? Our company provides expert advice on the following topics, which are of the most important nature to internationals seeking U.S. opportunities:

  • Creating a resume with the format required in USA
  • What to expect from the U.S. admissions process, as opposed to the one held in other countries of the world
  • How to manage international job search and distance job search successfully
  • Cultural differences in job search between the U.S. and other countries of the world
  • Support on determining which professionals (lawyers, accountants, and others) you will need to hire to make your move successfully and by following the law 100%
  • Understanding your options as an international student, your advantages and disadvantages in the admissions and job search processes
  • And more...

We have supported professionals and students from many countries around the world, in The Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our students and professionals whom we have advised have seen their return on investment quickly. EduPlan opens doors that do not know exist, which translates into better work opportunities, study opportunities, scholarships and increases in salary.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you achieve your maximum aspirations and more!

We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and Hebrew.