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Educational Consulting

 OfficeEducational Consulting that Meets Your Specific Needs!

At EduPlan, we do more than college admissions counseling. Higher education provides a competitive edge to a rapidly changing world and labor force. But what leads to the best higher education opportunities start before high school.

It is never too early to set a roadmap to attend the best institutions, the institutions that will meet your wants and needs and guarantee success.

We provide consultations and counseling for students of all levels who have questions or concerns regarding their education and the steps they need to take to succeed.

We help students figure out which classes and extracurricular activities that will make them stand out.

At EduPlan, we make a detailed assessment of a student’s talents and abilities to tailor an educational plan that will help them succeed early.

We have supported students in their admission into the elementary, middle, and high school of their choice. From there, we help them understand the academic processes and environment they find themselves by evaluating their needs and objectives.