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Please read some testimonials directly from the pen of EduPlan customers…

“I do not want to imagine how the application process would have gone for me without EduPlan. Although my grades were good and I had honors and extracurricular activities to boast of, I realize now how unprepared I was to compete against the thousands of others who apply to the nation’s most prestigious schools every year. I was an attractive applicant, but I would not have stood out enough to break through an admissions person’s anesthetized gaze. EduPlan helped me learn to present myself in an attractive light—it taught me to make good food look good too—so that the colleges and universities would want me in their ranks, seeing what I could contribute. They also showed me what I lacked in terms of well-roundedness; rather than doing everything for me, however, they became my organizer, tenaciously prodding me to do what needed to be done so that almost everything was ready by summer’s end. Best of all, since the work was broken down into reasonable deadlines I never felt overwhelmed, good for a very stress-prone individual. I now had ample time to focus on the academic aspects of my senior year, and could still sincerely call all the hard work my own. I only wish they had accompanied me through high school, pushing me to do even more each year. Then I would have gotten into even more than nine out of the thirteen colleges I was admitted to. I am forever indebted to EduPlan, and hope other students will let themselves be guided to such incredible success-inducing results.” Amherst College Student – Full Scholarship Recipient

“I enthusiastically recommend Claudine Vainrub’s services in preparing and guiding students throughout the college application process. My time spent working with Claudine helped me achieve my goal of gaining entrance into a top tier university.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Claudine throughout all steps of the application process.

Her guidance in narrowing down my list of colleges and researching the universities best suited for my interests was extremely beneficial. She assisted me on a personal level, getting to know my strengths and weaknesses and helped me target the best programs across the nation. Ms. Vainrub’s help in preparing a professional resume was unquestionably the most beneficial aspect of the program. Her expertise in this field allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what colleges and scholarship programs are looking for. Additionally, her “personal branding” system allowed me to effectively characterize those traits that distinguished me from the other competitive candidates. Claudine also invested much time in helping me to perfect my college and scholarship essays.

I especially benefited from Claudine’s system of breaking up the application into manageable sections and setting reasonable deadlines. Her understanding of my hectic schedule and ability to personalize my college plan was another advantage of working with Claudine. Her advice was invaluable and I truly value her insight into the college application process.

Any student looking to gain the upper hand in the college application process should certainly seek out Claudine’s expertise in the field. Her enthusiasm not only facilitated the often challenging process of applying to college, it made it enjoyable!” Yale University Student – Scholarship Recipient

“I can’t even begin to explain how helpful Claudine has been to me. I started out the application process with very little idea of how things work. I was sure I wanted to pursue a master’s degree in the U.S. and knew what my field of interest was (marketing), but that was pretty much it.

Dini coached me through the process in a very attentive and motherly way, always trying to push me into making the best decisions and applying to colleges that suit not only my career expectations but that also have a nice environment that will make me feel comfortable if admitted.

I had never made a Resume in my life before, and without Dini’s help I don’t think my Resume would have been able to look so professional and complete.

The part of the application where Dini’s help was indispensable was of course, the essays. Probably the most challenging part of the application, especially since my native language is Spanish and those essays are competing against others written by people whose native language is English. Dini was able to assist me by giving me ideas on what topics schools regularly like to hear about and how to mold that into my own words. I am very proud of my final essays and they wouldn’t be half as good without Dini’s helpful hand.

I applied to five schools and I’m still waiting to hear from a few of them, but I am very pleased with the process and happy with the results. My top choice, New York University, has accepted me into their program and I owe most of it to EduPlan and Claudine Vainrub. Thank you Dini!” New York University Student

“EduPlan helped me manage the college application process not only through information about the process, but with a personalized methodology that helped me distinguish myself and find my own strengths. EduPlan isn’t about cheap tricks to boost your application, but a comprehensive analysis that provides results. From resume-writing to practice-interviewing, I highly recommend EduPlan’s accessible services that I am sure will work for others as they have for me.” – University of Pennsylvania Student

“When I first heard about Eduplan I asked myself – Why all this webpage, preparation, essays, and meetings? Now I realize that was all for an important goal – give you the opportunity to enroll into colleges that best fit for you. Eduplan is a complete organization capable of working hard with each of its consultants. The system provides you with an organizational pannel where you can upload, discuss, and correct your work in a very simple way. During your application you will face problems or inconveniences that could not be resolved without the assistance of you counselor. Eduplan provides you with a single advisor responsible for you in all your application process, he/she is the person who will explore your qualities and strongs while exposing them in your application. I admire how this organization stands improving your skills and projecting the best image of each candidate at the end of the process. I was privileged to have Dini as my counselor for a long time, I think there is no better person to guide with your application than her; the consistency, intellect, and inspiration are some of the elements that make her the best possible advisor. That is why I believe Eduplan is a group that will ensure you a successful application and therefore a happy college life. I hardly think you will find another organization as efficient as this one. Take a step forward and follow your goals!!” Boston University Student

“Applying for college is a long and hardworking process that produces stress and anxiousness; since we students feel that it is what will define our future.  For which reason some of us don’t feel entirely ready to face it on our own. . This is why we seek for support. My experience with Ms. Claudine Vainrub as a college counselor was wonderful.

She is an outstanding guide who listens and understands what you want and adapts her expertise to your desires, to make you feel comfortable and assured while at the same time making you realize that to achieve those goals you need to make big efforts.

Claudine is organized and professional. She has an online program where you can find all the information you may be looking for, advice for interviews, models of essays, scholarship infos and much more. During your time with her you will also have constant meetings in which you will discuss, communicate and ask as much as you want. Claudine helps you step by step to complete all your applications.

First she assists you in defining what you are looking for in a college, to decide where to apply considering locations, academic programs and possibilities to be accepted. You then make a list of colleges you will apply to: the safeties, the more difficult ones and the almost impossible ones. To have someone who really has knowledge about each school help you decide this is an excellent way to start, believe me.

Then she explains how the process will work, how to use the common application and what to do each week before you meet her again. This makes you work constantly and loose no time for procrastination not to kill you when deadlines approach!

Claudine assists you in filling out the Commonapp (Extracurricular, Curriculum and Essays) and Supplements for each university. This is probably the most important and stress-producing part of the application process and at the same time the part in which Claudine helps in the most professional, ethical and complete way: You work and she makes your work shine!

Personally, I feel this process makes you find yourself. Claudine gives you an independence to write your essays that not all college counselors give you (As I learned from my friends who received help from other professionals) and which for me was vital. In an essay you should feel what you are is writing and get inspired by personal experiences. You truly describe yourself and your personality in it which is what will permit you to be accepted in the right college for you. Then, undoubtedly this piece of material you composed needs to be corrected to meet the requirements and expectation of Offices of Admissions.

With Claudine, your essay will be first corrected (cutted modified and commented) by an editor. Then it will be sent back to you with all those changes so you approve them or change them; In which way you are sure that what you want to express is not altered. You send it back and Claudine will personally edit it for you to finally agree to this and the essay to be not only full of your character which makes it unique but also smoothly and precisely written: the combination an essay must have to be impeccable!

When everything is ready: you feel sure with the essays you made, with everything you wrote in your commonapp, with the appearance and content of your curriculum, with your recommendation letters (This will all happen long before the deadlines if you work at the rate Claudine endorses) you will submit your applications. Claudine will then help you call the attention of colleges in many ways and to be in touch with admissions officers; which is crucial.

Claudine will be with you until you decide what college to attend. She will support you on controlling your nerves and of course on deciding where to attend afterwards.

My experience with Claudine was exactly what I was looking for. It reduced my stress during the process, permitted me to organize my path, to have everything ready on time and to be sure all my material was the best it could be. It is a fair and professional assistance. I felt I worked a lot and demonstrated who I really am which then made me feel auto realized when I received acceptances. It is the ideal help; you are told how to work, you work and then your work is made perfect! ” New York University Student

“When I first started the process of an MBA I was completely lost, I did not know how to start or what to do. Thankfully someone recommended Claudine. Claudine is hardworking, organized, attentive to detail, responsible, reachable when you need her, and most importantly she knows what she is doing.  Speaking with Claudine is always a pleasure; she has a positive attitude towards the process encouraging from the beginning to end pushing you to reach your highest potential. She is full of energy and always in an excellent mood working with you until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

In my opinion Claudine is most useful to those people who:

1)         Do not know how to start the process

2)         Do not know which program fits with his/her profile

3)         Are insecure with the quality of their writing

4)         Are not sure what to write about in their essays

5)         Do not have a strong resume (I thought I had one, but she helped me develop an impressive one)

6)         Do not have the necessary funding for a program (Claudine helps you obtain scholarships)

7)         Are not familiar with the inner workings of an American University

8)         Want to connect with students who have completed MBA in the past (this is useful for networking, answering questions, and get “push” letters” to increase the probability of acceptance)

9)         Need coaching for interviews (she did a mock interview with me and the questions we practiced where very similar to that of the actual interview)

10)       Need a strong application because of a low GMAT score” – Anonymous

“The Eduplan program is an amazing program that greatly simplifies the college application process. Ms. Vainrub takes you step by step and through all the ins and outs of applying. Through interview practice and essay and resume writing help, Ms. Vainrub prepares you to be an excellent collegiate candidate. I know that’s what helped me to get into Notre Dame! I would highly recommend her services to all college even graduate applicants.” Notre Dame Student and Scholarship Recipient

“My name is XXXXXX., I am of Spanish nationality, and was determined to continue my studies in the U.S., pursuing a Master in International Relations in USA, in one of the most prestigious schools. However, it is well known that tuition in these universities is very high, and I could hardly bear these costs, taking into account that I would travel to USA with my family.

For this reason I decided to apply to some of the scholarships available in my country (in my case Fulbright and La Caixa), hoping to obtain funding that would allow me to make the cherished studies. I knew I had a good profile that gave me the chance to succeed in securing a scholarship. However, lacked experience in these type of processes that are very competitive, which is why I decided to seek professional help. After researching on the Internet, and contacting several consultants, I finally decided to hire the consulting services of Claudine, which has helped me throughout the process from the design of the resume, the application for letters of recommendation, essay editing, and preparation for the interview.

Certainly my background made me a competitive candidate, but the help of Claudine has allowed me to raise exceptional applications, spotless and without weak points. Thus finally getting a resounding success, achieving the two grants for which I applied, which allow me to study in the USA next year with absolutely all expenses covered.

I recommend to people looking to improve their applications, and also looking to exponentially increase their success chances to attain Claudine’s services, for her professionalism and kindness. However, you must not think she will write the applications for you (that’s not the contracted service, and also would go against professional ethics). She will support and guide you to take full advantage of your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses, but you should keep in mind that it will take much effort on your part to successfully complete your application processes.” Columbia University – Double Scholarship Recipient

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Over a year ago I remember being very lost. When high school was almost over conversations about “the future” were common and avoiding them was my specialty. Asking a seventeen year old what they want to do with the rest of their life is truly overwhelming and I wasn’t ready to answer.  I honestly had absolutely no idea how to properly apply for a university or how to begin this process. Then a friend recommended Eduplan.

After the first phone call with Dini (Claudine Vainrub, Principal of Eduplan) I felt utterly relaxed. She understood my situation and made me understand that she has managed with a lot of cases similar to mine. In that moment I took part of a very special learning process that made me know myself better and  of course develop a beautiful student-teacher relationship with Dini along the way. My life was in control again and just like that I could see the blurry future clearing up.

Eduplan is not located in my country (Venezuela) but somehow I felt like it was. I never had any problem communicating with Mrs. Vainrub, knowing she had many clients she would always provide time for me with her full attention. Via Internet, phone, Skype,, email or messenger – Dini was there.  After assembling my resume came the introduction of many college and university websites for the selecting of schools that matched what I was looking for.

Writing essays is not easy but Dini was there in every step of the way. She would give her professional advice to my work still keeping in mind my style and personal impression. I learned a lot about the structure of an essay and it definitely gave me practice. Working hard together for the perfect final draft was always worth it in the end.

Working with Eduplan was truly eye opening for me. I did not only get in the University I wanted, I also gained confidence in my writing skills. Dini gave me a lot of confidence in myself and thanks to her l revealed qualities I did not know I had. Thanks to Eduplan’s guidance I was able to enroll in the University of Miami this year and even though I already finished the program I know that Dini will always be there as a teacher, mentor and friend. ” University of Miami Student

“EduPlan provided me with the tools to succeed in the job searching market. Starting with a great resume, along with wonderful career advise I was able to find a job that was the perfect fit for my needs. EduPlan takes your career seriously.”  BB, Tel Aviv, Israel and Caracas, Venezuela

“I was completely satisfied with the service provided by EduPlan. The help received surpassed my expectations. I felt that the most important aspects one needs to receive through the application process are a really organized service, confidence that the work will be completed on time and a top quality assistance to create the application material. All those characteristics were essential parts provided by EduPlan during all my application process.

Finally it is important to mention that although the application process is sometimes frustrating and the methodology offered by EduPlan sometimes seems extensive and too demanding, it gives excellent results. I was accepted to the top of the list university.” MIT Student 

“EduPlan is the perfect way to get fresh insights, vital information and career development advise for your educational or professional needs in today’s highly competitive job market”. Senior Manager, Supply Chain Logistics, Washington D.C.

“I was most satisfied with my experience with EduPlan. It helped me a lot to find a job quickly and the work from the EduPlan staff was outstanding.” Pharmacy Technician, Miami, FL

“I would say I was totally satisfied with my overall experience with EduPlan, the service I received is completely professional with a perfect knowledge of the US needs for career advice, coach and resume review. Every time that I have an opportunity I will mention how Claudine helped me with my resume. My next step is to practice for a job interview.” Controller, Weston, FL

“Coming from Venezuela with no previous experience or studies in U.S.A., I never thought I could get a job so quickly. The resume and interview coaching were very professional and very effective.” Construction Supervisor, North Miami Beach, FL

“In this competitive South Florida job market, EduPlan is just what I needed to succeed and to find the job that I wanted.”
Sales Manager, Aventura, FL

“Not only created an attractive resume but I also discover interesting aspect of my curriculum. And learned a lot about the job market and how to be most efficient. Price was a concern, especially for a recent graduate. But it definitely was worth all the way.”
IT Analyst, Miami, FL

“My experience with EduPlan was great, considering it was a really long-distance service. Claudine is a great consultant, always available, no matter the time and place. My CV was built up, cleaned and optimized in a very effective manner and I really thank Claudine and Eduplan for their useful help.” Advertising Account Executive, Tel Aviv, Israel

“My experience with EduPlan was excellent! My resume is a lot stronger than it was and the process with the personnel was exceptional. The attention, time, and effort they dedicated to me was gratifying both at a personal and professional level. I have already recommended EduPlan several times. I believe having a well-written resume can help you get the right job, get into college, and have a better understanding of what a person looks for in the professional field. EduPlan did this for me and I want others to have the same results.” Advertising Account Executive, Miami, FL

“I had the opportunity to work with EduPlan for my applications for college, and I had great results, I got in where I wanted to, more specifically they advised me with the essays and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their work. Anyone who asks me “How did you write your application essays?” I always tell them about the person who taught me how to express myself best, I recommend her 100%… If I need to make a resume or even to apply to graduate school, no doubt I will use EduPlan’s services…” UF Student


“EduPlan provided me an outstanding service. I’ve already recommended EduPlan to everyone I know. As an copywriter, I’ve always said that the hardest product you’ll ever have to sell is yourself, so this has helped me greatly. When I read my resume I don’t recognize myself because I’m very shy and humble and don’t always appreciate my own accomplishments, but I’ve gotten great results out of it. Claudine is a person that cares, she doesn’t make things up, she asks questions and finds what makes each candidate special and unique. She reminds me of those makeover shows where people come in looking terrible and leave looking amazing. That’s what she does for resumes, she makes them amazing. And that’s exactly what I want, a resume that talks for me so I don’t have to.” Copywriter, Coral Gables, FL

I am very satisfied with this service, I was given very good counseling and advice. Managing Partner, Caracas, Venezuela

“I was really nervous before my business school interview, English is not my first language and this was going to be my first experience, I took some coaching with EduPlan and they helped overcome my fears by anticipating what were going to be the main questions and thanks to that extra push I assured my acceptance in many Top Ranked Business Schools. I would recommend Eduplan to anyone looking to improve their own personal branding (for applying to college, grad school and a job), today in this competitive world it is very important to know how to display your strengths and Eduplan is the leader in that area. About the website, I liked the tips on how to build resumes, and also its emphasis in how small details can improve radically your profile, I also loved the display.” MIT Grad Student, Boston, MA

“The guidance provided by EduPlan, was really professional. Now I have a plan for every stage of my professional development. I already recommended the Eduplan career coaching service, I am confident that having a resume that markets yourself is the key to succeed .” Fashion Designer, Miami, FL

“I was thoroughly pleased with the process of composing my resume. Since I sent it out I have received many compliments on it as well as job offers.”  Account Manager, Summit, NJ

“I want to thank ‘EduPlan’ for helping me with my application to university. As a student coming from Israel the feedback I received on my personal statement insured that I wrote my best.

In addition, after Claudine reviewed my references I felt ready to submit my application.

Now I am getting ready to start this year as freshmen in the University of Aberdeen!

Thank you again,” Aberdeen University Student

“It is my pleasure to recommend a marvelous professional, Claudine Vainrub, and to write this letter on her behalf. We worked together for almost 6 months in the preparation of my applications to an MBA. She helped me through every phase of my applications, from understanding the MBA program as a whole and the particulars of each school, to applying, interviewing, getting accepted and even getting a full scholarship.

At first she executed a series of test to pinpoint my unique value as a professional and as a human being in a process called “Personal Branding”. This process lasted close to a month, during which I completed various assessments while members of my family, friends and co-workers answered questionnaires about me, my personality and my ethics in general. I was amazed by the results of this Personal Branding process, it basically captured in one single line the uniqueness that describes me.

Parallel to this, we were scouting various MBA programs and we narrowed the selection down to 3 programs and a backup MBA program, just in case. The chosen MBAs where: MBA 1 (omitted for confidentiality), MBA 2 (same), MBA 3 (same) and MBA 4 (same) (My backup school, were I could attend while living in city with my family).

The application process was for me a real pleasure, while I saw many of my friends battling to get through it, I really enjoyed it. With the guidance of Claudine, her motivation and energy, I was able to write all the essays before the first round of my three main schools, while a previous employer and my thesis tutor wrote the recommendation letters. Together we delved into the intricacies of every essay topic and choose the best life experience to match what the school was expecting from a prospective MBA student.

A couple of weeks after I confidently submitted my applications I received calls from the three schools to schedule interviews. Immediately Claudine gave me the coaching I needed to not only get through an interview successfully, but also to thrill the interviewer and leave him with a feeling of “I wish I could go back to the MBA with you”. With her direction I felt absolutely comfortable in all the interviews, and that made a big difference.

Within a month after this I received the responses from the schools. Take into account that I’m a 23 year old Venezuelan and I only had at the time a little over a year of work experience, which is well below the regular requirements for an MBA.

MBA 3 put me in their Waiting List, I talked to Claudine about this and she already had a plan to start getting MBA 3’s attention and get an official acceptance. The plan included diverse actions, first to write a letter, then to go visit the campus and then to follow up with a second letter trying to attack any weaknesses that they may have perceived of me as a candidate.

MBA 2 accepted me. This was a joyous moment for me and Claudine. All the work had, thank G-d, paid off, and now I was accepted to one of the top ten business schools in the country. But I couldn’t decide yet, I had to wait for all the answers.

MBA 1 accepted me also. Not only they accepted me, but they offered to sponsor half of my tuition. We didn’t even ask for a scholarship, which means that the application really impressed them. Now I had a tough decision to make, should I do everything in my power to get into MBA 3? Should I negotiate a scholarship with MBA 2? Should I forget about the other schools and just go to MBA 1?

At this point in time you would think that Claudine’s work was over; she got me into two top business schools and even got me a scholarship in one of them. But, she counseled me and analyzed with me the pros and cons of all my options, not to make a decision for me, but to allow me to realize what my decision should be.

The first decision was not to even apply to the MBA 4, which was no match for the other programs I got in. After this, I talked to the schools without making a decision and to our surprise I immediately got a FedEx package from MBA 1. They decided to offer me the Dean’s Scholarship, a full scholarship to an MBA. This was very exciting news!

Any regular person would tell you to run to MBA 1 and accept the offer. But, Claudine gave me a better recommendation, she told me to avoid making a decision only based on the money I could save, I should further analyze the kind of life I could have in each of the cities, the life my wife would have and the better return on my two year investment.

This was great advice. I took a plane with my wife to city we checked out the city, the Jewish community, the student life and many over things. At the end of the trip, we were both sure that MBA 1 was the right option, not only because of the scholarship, but more importantly for the kind of life we could live while I studied at MBA 1.

I can never express my full gratitude to Claudine for all the help and support she gave me in this whole process. During the whole time she was fully involved and always injecting me with energy and enthusiasm to do the best I could. One of the biggest surprise while working with her is that instead of me calling her and asking for her help, she was always one step ahead of me, she would call me before I did and she was fully accessible anytime.

Bottom line, I was 1000% (yes, One Thousand percent) satisfied with her work and I’ve recommended her to all my friends, and that is why I took the liberty to write this letter of recommendation on her behalf, because I believe everybody is entitled to know that if you are seeking for this kind of high-level assistance, in an ethical way, to apply to any program, you can find that in Claudine Vainrub.


Carnegie Mellon MBA Student 

School were not disclosed in publication to protect student identity – Schools included Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Management, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, The University of Miami School of Business, and The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.


Applying to a Master´s Degree can be very confusing and overwhelming. With Eduplan´s support throughout this process I felt completely oriented and empowered.

Claudine was always there to answer my multiple questions, boost my application requirements, coach me for interviews and give me the best advice for my academic, professional and even personal life!

I received a merit-based scholarship at NYU´s Wagner School of Public Service, without requesting it. Getting this announcement was one of the most exciting moments in my life, and I really thank Claudine for being a great part of this major achievement.

Claudine is a person whom I really admire and appreciate. My relationship with her didn’t end with my application process, we are constantly in touch and I love counting with her mentorship and friendship along the way.

I have recommended Claudine to my close friends that are starting an application process, and I certainly recommend anyone to take advantage of the extraordinary service she provides. NYU Graduate Student

Claudine is a great counselor and a better person. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and makes the extra effort to make sure thing are done right.

With her help, I got into 4 top ten MBA programs (out of 5). She helped in every step of the process, from the assessment process to the applications and training for interviews. She has great knowledge of the programs and knows how to evaluate the best fit for each candidate and where to apply to have the best chances to get in. Most importantly, after the process was done with success, I can say that I consider Claudine a friend. MIT Graduate Student

“Claudine won’t settle for anything but the best. She won’t stop until she gets you to the college or program you want to be. She is very knowledgeable regarding college admissions and what to do to improve your chances of getting in, and she motivates you until you do. Not only that, you can really find a friend in Claudine.

I got in to the college I wanted and now I am working in a very important company. Claudine is going to be the first person I call when the time comes for me to do a master.” Emerson College Student


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“What’s next in your life? you are not alone…”hand to hand with EduPlan” – Job Seeker

“Creative and useful tool”, Psychologist

“This is an innovative and valuable service at an affordable price. a great concept and a great company. congratulations!”, Professional

“Great at [what] they do!!!”, General Contractor

“We used EDUPLAN last year and my daughter got in NYU , their help was invalorable”, NYU Student Mom