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Transfer Admissions Consulting

Make the Right Transition!

If you’re seeking other opportunities at another institution, either by transitioning to a 4-year college or finding another academic setting for your college experience, EduPlan can be your guide. From your search to your application to your interviews, we help you achieve your admissions goals.

We conduct an assessment of your current academic profile and advise you on choosing the school that will best meet your wants and needs. Through our services such as one-on-one counseling, essay editing, application review, mock interviews, and more, we prepare you to present your best self to admissions committees that are looking for the perfect fit.

In your transition between schools, we use very effective strategy to earn you the scholarships you need and deserve to make your tuition affordable.

If you are an international student, we can help you learn more about the admissions process and guide you through completing a very competitive application with a well-crafted personal statement and a great presentation of your talents and abilities.

Transferring from one school to another can be a daunting experience. However, we are confident that we will make the process easier to manage by providing you with invaluable resources and recommendations that have brought incredible results to our students.

Start your journey with EduPlan. We can guarantee that our resources and expertise will make your transfer application process to the schools of your choice a smooth, painless, and results-oriented process.